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Tax Appeal

Like most people, we feel everyone should pay their fair share when it comes to real estate taxes. But sometimes, properties are over-assessed by local taxing authorities and the resultant real estate tax is an undue burden. Of course, sometimes properties are under-assessed as well.

While taxing authorities generally do a good job with assessments, the mass appraisal technique employed sometimes does not properly assess each property.

Further, while the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the current system of school funding unconstitutional, it is still the system under which we operate. Click here to read more about the Supreme Court decision.

Understandably, local school boards are often aggressive in the defense of their funding. As such, a simple request for reassessment can many times fall on deaf ears. You need a professional opinion of value to make your case.

Remember, the filing deadline to appeal tax assessment is March 31st of each year and you are appealing the value as of January 1st of the prior year.

Links to the Board of Appeals of some NE Ohio counties are shown below: